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Genuine Batteries

The Toyota Genuine Battery is specifically designed for all Toyota vehicles to suit Philippine’s tropical weather condition. Its unique formulation of active materials helps reduce terminal corrosion, water consumption and self-discharge.This quality product from Toyota has prolonged lifespan (higher reserve capacity) and superior power (higher ampere hours) to keep your Toyota vehicle going.
They are designed to:

  • Start engine of your car
  • To act like a filter to stabilize the fluctuating Direct Current (DC) voltage from your car’s charging system.
  • To provide extra power for lightning, two-way radios, audio system and other accessories when the car engine is idling.
  • To provide back-up power to the electrical system when the charging system is not operating, especially when you are driving at night or in bad weather condition.
Actual Image TGB Part Number Battery Type Vehicle Applicability Vehicle Specifications
Vehicle Name Model Code Transmission Vehicle Type Engine Type Production Date
28800-YZZNK 46B24L(S)-MF Corolla Altis ZZE141L-, ZZE142L-, ZRE143L- M/T, A/T Gas 3ZZ, 1ZZ, 3ZR, 1ZR, 1ZE Jan. 2008
Corolla Altis ZRE173L-, ZRE171L M/T, A/T Gas 3ZR, 1ZR Dec. 2013
Innova TGN40L- M/T Gas 1TR Sep. 2008
Vios NCP92L-, NCP93L M/T, A/T Gas 2NZ, 1NZ Aug. 2007 – Jun. 2013
Yaris NCP91L- M/T, A/T Gas 1NZ Mar. 2009
28800-YZZNL 34B20R-MF Avanza F601LM-, F602LM- M/T, A/T Gas K3, 3SZ Oct. 2008 – Nov. 2011
Avanza F652LM-, F651LM- M/T, A/T Gas K3, 3SZ Dec. 2011
28800-YZZNM 55D23L-MF Innova TGN40L- A/T Gas 1TR Sep. 2008
Camry GSV40L, ACV40L A/T Gas 2AZ, 2GR Aug. 2006 – Nov. 2011
Camry GSV50L-, ASV50L- A/T Gas 2AR, 2GR Feb. 2012
86 ZN6- M/T, A/T Gas FA20 May 2012
Fortuner TGN61L- A/T Gas 2TR Aug. 2008
Alphard GGH20L-, ANH20L- A/T Gas 2AZ, 2GR May 2010
Rav4 ACA33L-, ACA38L A/T Gas 2AZ Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2012
Rav4 ASA42L-, ASA44L A/T Gas 2AR Jan. 2013
28800-YZZNN 80D26L-MF Innova KUN40L- M/T, A/T Diesel 2KD Sep. 2008
Previa ACR50L- A/T Gas 2AZ Dec. 2008
Fortuner KUN60L- M/T Diesel 2KD Aug. 2008
Hilux KUN35L-, KUN15L- M/T Diesel 2KD Sep. 2008
Land Cruiser 200 VDJ200L- A/T Diesel 1VD Sep. 2007
Prado GRJ150L- A/T Gas 1GR Jan. 2006
FJ Cruiser GSJ150L- A/T Gas 1GR Apr. 2012
Alphard GGH30L- A/T Gas 2GR Jan. 2015
28800-YZZNP 80D26R-MF Hiace KDH212L-, KDH202L- M/T, A/T Diesel 2KD Jan. 2005
Land Cruiser 200 VDJ200L- A/T Diesel 1VD Sep. 2007
28800-YZZNQ 105D31L-MF Fortuner KUN51L-, KUN60L- A/T Diesel 1KD Sep. 2008
Hilux KUN26L- M/T, A/T Diesel 1KD Sep. 2008
Prado KDJ150L- A/T Diesel 1KZ-TE Jan. 2006
28800-YZZRB 34B20L(S)-MF Vios NCP151L-, NCP150L- M/T, A/T Gas 2NZ, 1NZ Jul. 2013
Yaris NCP151L-, NCP150L- M/T, A/T Gas 2NZ, 1NZ Aug. 2013
28800-YZZRP 34B20L-MF Wigo B100LA- B100LA- M/T, A/T Gas 1KR Jan. 2014
28800-YZZTR LN 2 Fortuner TGN166L A/T Gas 2TR Feb. 2016
Innova TGN140L- M/T, A/T Gas 1TR Mar. 2016
28800-YZZTS LN 3 Hilux GUN126L-, GUN135L-, GUN122L- M/T, A/T Diesel 1GD,2GD Jul. 2015
Fortuner GUN156L-, GUN165L- M/T, A/T Diesel 1GD,2GD Feb. 2016
Innova GUN143L- M/T, A/T Diesel 1GD Mar. 2016

Note: Land Cruiser 200 (VDJ-200L-) composed of 2 type of battery.