All-terrain Design & Perfect Outdoor Traction

Wield your strength and power with the FJ Cruiser. With its rugged exterior and off road capabilities, every drive is performed with ease and confidence. Your outdoor vehicle should have every facility necessary at its disposal, that’s why the FJ Cruiser is equipped with tires that feature an active traction control for off road drives.

Comfortable Seats

The FJ Cruiser comes with standard water resistant seats and spacious legroom providing comfort for long drives.

Off-road Engine & Excellent Maneuverability

The FJ Cruiser boasts of a 4.0L Dual WT-i Engine that brings the 260-horsepower you need on off road trips.A powerful engine matched with equally powerful brakes is what the FJ Cruiser provides. With its standard brakes, maneuverability will be both easy and smooth for your comfort.