Off-Road Look

You never have to worry about going off-road or driving through the city, with the Land Cruiser’s multi-purpose exterior, every drive is guaranteed to provide a statement of class and power.

High Caliber Dashboard

Your trips are now worry free with the Land Cruiser’s sleek and efficient dashboard which includes a high resolution touch-screen display and a four-zone automatic climate control.

Elite Level Engine

Power and precision leads the way for the 2018 Land Cruiser. Rigged with a 4.5L 32-valve V8 Twin-Turbo Diesel engine that maximizes your performance in every drive.

Pioneering Sound System

Great music must come with an amazing sound sytem. The Land Cruiser is furnished 6 Speaker premium audio that provides quality sound for any type of music.

State-of-the-Art Seats

The 2018 Land Cruiser puts forward the next stage in comfort. Included are leather trimmed multi-stage heated seats which take into account your comfort on the road.