Revolutionary Look

Going beyond boundaries, the 2018 Prius is shaped to be sleek and engineered to look unmistakably revolutionary with the right amount of attitude balanced with style.

Tech and Comfort

Experience ergonomic comfort with the seats’ lumbar support to make your rides enjoyable anywhere you go.

Hybrid Power

The 2018 Prius boasts a 1.8-Liter, 4-cylinder Aluminum DOHC 16-Valve with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), EV56/ECO/POWER Modes; 95 hp @ 5200 rpm (71 kW @ 5200 rpm), 105 lb.-ft. @ 3600 rpm (142 N•m @ 3600 rpm). With a hybrid system net power of 121 hp (90kW) and a Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor, the Prius makse your drive efficient as well as powerful.

Enhanced Parking Support

Take the stress out of parking with the available Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) which scans stationary objects as well as the available Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) which automatically guides you to park into an open parking space.

Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers

Don’t risk your safety while driving under rain. The available rain-sensing windshield wipers automatically adjust to the amount of rain all while taking into account the car’s speed. Under the “auto” setting, you can let your wipers do all the work so you can have a safe drive.